Project64: Plum

Yes, I know you have an empty feeling deep down inside. I feel the same way.

Yes, I know it’s getting greener outside, but it’s just not time yet.

No, they won’t come any faster if you try and help.

Be patient, they’ll be here soon.

Okay, I’ll go to the store and get you some.

Sub­mitted for Project64: Out of the Box.
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12 thoughts on “Project64: Plum

  1. What a lovely vase and purple/plum is one of my favourite colours. Daffs? Now daffs I can offer you in abundance. I think that years ago a farmer must have dumped his daffodil bulbs on the edge of the cliff here once he’d finished with them. Every spring, at around this time, there is a yellow swathe of loveliness for all to enjoy.


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