Creative Exchange: Winter reflections

I’ve taken a page from AC’s Scrapbook and tried my hand at putting together a seasonal montage. I enjoyed it so much I think I’ll definitely make time to do it for all the seasons…like she does. Winter 2011 didn’t want for photo opportunities, so this one was easy. My hope is these will be glimpses of the world through my eyes…or more appropriately, my viewfinder.

What is your best memory of winter?

Sub­mitted for The Cre­ative Exchange | Lisa Gordon Photography


14 thoughts on “Creative Exchange: Winter reflections

  1. I saw the ones that Jayne did, and at some point I am definitely going to try it also. This is beautiful Lisa, and I think it is a wonderful way to put memories together.
    Let’s see…my best memory of winter? Well, once I can get beyond all the shoveling memories (enough to last a lifetime, trust me), I think it would just be times in front of the fireplace, and of course for me, always Christmas.

    Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange this week.

    Have a wonderful evening!



  2. Wonderful collage! Have you thought about digital scrapbooking? It’s a great, non-mess way of creating pages with your favorite pictures. I used to print my scrapbooks/photo albums myself, but figured out finally that’s it’s cheaper to have do it for me.


    • I’ll have to check out Blub. I don’t know much about digital scrapbooking. I usually end up putting together books from my photos on Shutterfly. But that is expensive!


  3. Oh this is love Lisa and thanks so much for the mention. Look at that photo top left! Now *that* looks c~o~l~d! These are fun to do and particularly with winter I find that it helps me find some positive things about my least favourite season. 🙂


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