K is for Knowledge

Knowledge is both divine and dangerous. It can bring you to heights you never dreamed possible or plunge you deep into the depths of despair.

Take, for example, that I have knowledge about the back end of websites. That would be those $#!**&, irritating, confusing .php files that contain phrases and symbols completely indecipherable to normal brains. In a nutshell, php files fear me. I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous to both websites and my sanity. Yes, every now and again, I figure something out (quite by accident I’m sure) and I get the desired result. But there are many times when I break what I’m working on and then spend panicked minutes backtracking to undo what I just did.

I’m much more at home in the print and graphic design world, where I’ve forgotten more knowledge than most design students learn in 4 years. There’s comfort in staying inside the box. But I believe that’s where Alzheimer lives. Stretch your mind… your knowledge…get out of the box and grow those brain cells.

There’s a endless ocean of things to learn out there. Even if you don’t become an expert, at least you’re trying to learn new things and expand your horizons. Hey, I’m tryin’ my best to find a silver lining to my coding frustration.

Yes, knowledge is a double edge sword. And there’s a huge difference between Knowledge and Wisdom. But that’s a subject for W-week.

Check out ABC Wednesday and increase your Knowledge of K-words.



12 thoughts on “K is for Knowledge

  1. Terrific post for the K Day and so very true! I got into blogging nearly three years ago. I didn’t retire until I was 67 and I was suddenly horrified at the idea of what I was going to do to keep my mind functioning. Blogging, creating a website, learning so many new things has been a real blessing, a challenge, entertainment and fulfillment all at the same time. Alzheimer’s is a scary nightmare and just the daily realization of how poorly your memory functions as the years slip quickly by is troubling. So, I try to keep the mind busy! Hope you have a great week!

    ABC Team


  2. I so agree with you. I love ABC Wednesdays because I get to visit outside my box. Looking at photos like yours, reading stimulating texts, and visiting far away worlds.

    Thank you!


  3. I love your explanation of Knowledge. When I started blogging, I had so much to learn and am still learning. I have found when I figure out how to do something on my own I remember it better. In the beginning I had to have a friend show me how to do things, and write it down as she went along, until I learned to do it myself.

    Great take on the K word today.


  4. Great K-word! The internet has been my escape out of the box since early retirement to do with health problems. I do believe it’s important to keep learning – anything, as long as it keeps you interested…


  5. Yes! We all need a good workout at the brain gym! So much equipment to try out! And the internet is like a super store of choices! Great post!


  6. Knowledge is power, and it’s wonderful for the world when the knowledge is used in a way that will benefit others. My dad used to tell me to “learn a new thing every day, because once you stop learning, you start growing old.”

    Took his advice, and see, I learned something new here: How to approach computer programming with the proper attitude! Keep on keepin’ on, Lisa!

    Here’s mine for ABC: http://sharplittlepencil.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/two-k-limericks-abc-weds/

    Amy Barlow Liberatore


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