Creative Exchange and Project64: Burnt Sienna

A little south of town is a road that winds back into the Missouri River bottoms. Once a bustling town where cargo was transferred from river to rail, the only thing that remains is Claysville Store, which is actually a restaurant. The rail has been turned into a biking/hiking trail and the river relocated itself about a mile away. The store fell into disrepair until new owners turned it into a home-style restaurant, with a completely renovated interior. Now it’s packed every weekend they’re open. And what better place to find burnt sienna that a rustic ol’ rural country store turned eatery? Claysville Store retains much of it’s historic charm(?) by not renovating the exterior. Seriously, if you didn’t know the deliciousness offered, you’d never step foot inside.

Claysville Store is a home-grown operation; family-owned and operated. We frequent the place often, preferring to give a local family our money instead of the chain-type restaurants where we never see the owners. When Peanut and her family lived with us, we introduced her to Claysville and let her *explore* the grounds when she was old enough to appreciate the unique discoveries. Of course, Nana was right there with her camera! 😉

Project64’s challenge this week was to put together a diptych or triptych with burnt sienna. And I always love the Creative Exchange, where I can share some of my right brain.

Why not check out both places and play along with us?



Submitted for Lisa Gordon’s Creative Exchange and Poject64: Out of the Box

13 thoughts on “Creative Exchange and Project64: Burnt Sienna

  1. This is fantastic Lisa! I have found that so many places that look like this have the most wonderful food!!
    I also checked out Project 64. This looks like a lot of fun!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great weekend!



  2. Hiya Lisa,

    Rust is the new Black.
    For ‘rust’ read ‘burnt sienna’.
    And in triplicate no less.
    Nicely conceived.
    And I so identify with the 96 crayon box that
    I nearly took a picture of my paint/pastel drawer :-).
    Love the name of your website.


  3. Nice shots! I LOVE my wagon wheels! I was finally able to get some last spring and just can’t get enough use of them on my photography! Such a great photo prop! I used mine on this week’s burn sienna project they really are a great match to that colour! Great job!


  4. When I did some oil painting, burnt sienna was one of my “go-to” colors. Love old rusty things, love old, unrestored buildings, love your photos! Suzicate, plant a vine to climb around on the wheel. Put it at the beginning of your driveway, near your entry door, any spot that should be a focal point.


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