M is for Mischievous

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It’s M day at ABC Wednesday and M is for a mischievous little Peanut. While she was spending most of the first two years of her life at our house, there were plenty of opportunities to get into things while exploring. These are a few of her mischievous times, and some of my most favorite memories.

Why are these things so much cuter when done by a grandchild?

Why do we, as grandparents, have so much more patience with grandkids than we did with our own?

I believe it’s because we have the advantage of hindsight. When our kids are grown and gone, we realize how much we missed while being preoccupied with working, laundry, shopping, cooking and rushing to and from what we thought was important at the time. All we saw was the inconvenience and irritation of this demanding little person. Adjust my schedule? No way. Cramp my style. Not on your life.

So what if you have to put the napkins back ten times. Diapers strewn across the floor? No big deal…really, it isn’t. Inspecting the dog’s teeth? Okay, but only if the dog is a Golden Retriever. And so what if it takes more than 20 minutes to put them to bed. (Yes, Army Wife/Mom, I’m talking to YOU!). There will come a day when you long for those precious times of rocking and reading. Don’t misunderstand…I’m not condoning letting the kids rule the roost or running amuck with no discipline. But is our problem really that their behavior just isn’t fitting in with our scheduled life?

Whatever the reason, I’m certainly missing these moments now.

Cooking and cleaning can wait till tomorrow.
Babies grow up, we’ve learned to our sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs; dust go to sleep.
I’m rocking my baby; and babies don’t keep.
~Ruth Hulburt Hamilton

For more M words, visit ABC Wednesday.


18 thoughts on “M is for Mischievous

  1. Since I am in the “middle” so to speak with my teenagers, it is good to read this perspective! I love that poem.
    Such an adorable child…sweet collage!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog tp leave a comment.


  2. Your granddaughter is adorable and I know she is a never ending source of joy and laughter and love! I had my children late in life and they were all a surprise because I had been assured by several doctors that I was highly unlikely to get pregnant in the first place and just as unlikely to be able to carry one for more than a few months. One of the greatest delights of my life was to proof them wrong — big time! I had four and carried all of them full term and they all weighed 8lbs. and over. So, each one was a wonderful, magical miracle! I didn’t work again until they were all in school and then I taught in the same school. I watched them every day with so much joy. I still do — although my youngest is now 40 and we’re scattered all over the country, the joy, the fun is still there. So, yes, enjoy every moment! And have a wonderful day, Lisa.



  3. What a beautiful post Lisa! I am not a Grandma, but I do know with my own children, I long for the days when all they really wanted was to be held. Beautiful photographs of this little one. You are one lucky Grandma! She is just precious!!


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