Creative Exchange: Patience

Why always “not yet”?  Do flowers in spring say “not yet”?
~Norman Douglas

As everyone knows, it was a long, cold, hard winter in the areas prone to snow. It seemed our patience was all used up by the end of March when the calendar said Spring was here. Winter held fast and we learned, once again, that Spring is not a calendar date.

The days warmed a bit and everyone was practically giddy with excitement. Spring bulbs appeared only to be covered with 4 inches of snow. Trees began to bud only to have Winter tell them to be patient; it’s not time yet. Bradford Pear trees, crab trees and Magnolias usually scream, “NOW!” and bloom only to get nipped by Winter’s reluctance to let go. It seems that only the patient Redbud tree waits to show off every year. For me, Spring officially arrives when I see Redbud trees ready to burst in color.

And how similar this scenario is to life itself. Forge ahead or take baby steps? Live for the moment or methodically plan? Throw caution to the wind or first measure the risks? On one hand, I say Carpe Diem! But on the other, I say Patience, good things come to those who wait. I guess life should be a little of both…just so we don’t get nipped before it’s time to fully bloom.

How do you approach life?

Sub­mitted for The Cre­ative Exchange | Lisa Gordon Photography

8 thoughts on “Creative Exchange: Patience

  1. This is gorgeous Lisa!
    Such wonderful work you did on it.
    Same here with the weather. It was beautiful last weekend, but now? 😦

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening.



  2. I’m so sorry it was such a looong winter & I thank GOD I don’t live in an area where winter drags out sooo long!

    Beautiful Creative Exchange creation… beautiful! =)


  3. Lovely! Your pic but less so your weather. America has had some truly bizarre weather in the last 6 months or so hasn’t it? It’s beautifully sunny here just now and I’m making the most of it because experience tells me that it can all too readily go back to cold, dull and damp!


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