No Peein Off the Porch

I realize how strange the title sounds…and even stranger with the photo…but when you read the rest of this, you’ll completely understand.She handed me a magazine cut out mentioning the restaurant and told me we absolutely had to go to Billy Gail’s for breakfast. She is Entrepreneur’s mom and the restaurant is in Branson, Missouri. Entrepreneur and I headed south for a little weekend R&R with friends. Wine flowed along with good conversation and a nice getaway.

We’ve been to Branson many times. Silver Dollar City is a fabulous family-oriented park. We’ve seen everything from Ozark hill country humor to Broadway-equivalent talent. We’ve even seen America’s Best Restroom. But we’d never heard of or run across Billy Gail’s. All that changed Saturday morning.

Remember my post about Claysville Store? You’re good to go now.

Billy Gail’s is a breakfast/lunch place, off the beaten path, away from the 76-Strip in Branson, and well-known to the locals. There isn’t any real parking plan so everyone just parks wherever they can fit their car…or truck. The long-abandoned gas pumps have been painted cherry red and decorated with flowers and smiley faces. It’s about as *Ozark* as you can get…and still be compliant with building codes. The restaurant is a log cabin, and if you didn’t know what you were looking for, you’d pass right by it. After seeing it, there’s a good chance you’d pass on it anyway.

Well past the breakfast rush, we opened the squeaky red screen door to find the lobby still packed with hungry people; standing room only. Inside, it’s a quaint, home-style cafe with eclectic accents, decorated in early Flea Market. You name it and it’s probably there…somewhere. And, true to a flea market, everything’s for sale!

And you better come hungry because there’s more food than you can imagine with every order. Entrepreneur and I split a Belly Buster breakfast and didn’t eat again until evening. On Sunday morning, I only ordered one (1) pancake.

Here’s one (1) pancake. It’s called the Mini Stack.

It’s hanging over a dinner-size plate. Seriously, it’s 10-12 inches across. Being the chocoholic I am, of course I topped mine with chocolate chips. There’s more hiding under the pancake.

Billy Gail’s is now on the *to do* list every time we’re in Branson.

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