A Royal Affair-ytale

I admit, I didn’t get up at 5am and watch the royal wedding. I didn’t even DVR it. I know, I’m lame. But that doesn’t mean I’m any less captivated by the whole royal affairytale. I’ve watch all the recaps and reruns of the event and am just as caught up in it as the person who watched it at dark-thirty AM.

I stole glimpses of wedding clips all day while *working*. The arrival. The dress. The kiss. Yup, I hit all the highlights before noon.

But it wasn’t enough.

Good old fashioned British pageantry

The sound bytes I caught all day paled in comparison to the recap shows on CBS, ABC, TLC and, of course, the BBC. The fairytale coaches, princely men in medal-ed uniforms, pageboys, flower girls, royal guards, pageantry…and most of all…the stunning beauty of the soon-to-be princess bride.

The world (or at least the US and UK) have been obsessed with this wedding for the past few months. It seemed like we were aching for this fanciful break in reality. Something to take our minds off war, natural and man-made disasters gas prices, politicians and the economy. Something to lift our spirits and restore a sense of goodness about life. And, let’s face it; no one does pageantry like the British.

And we were not disappointed.

Ben Stansall/AFP, Getty Images

Elegant Commoner

Prince William aside, the day belonged to the bride. Kate Middleton. A *commoner* with  more elegance than any royal aristocrat could ever hope to have. To watch her is a vision. She’s lovely, graceful and poised beyond belief. I can only imagine how her head was swimming today. But you never would have guessed she was the least bit nervous.

From the four and a half minute walk down and back up the aisle at the Abby to her obvious amazement of the crowd on the balcony, she fulfills all our fantasies of a fairytale commoner turned royal princess…and duchess.

And while Kate and William were for the most part constrained and proper during the ceremony, we thrilled at the couple on the balcony who gave the crowd not one, but two wedding kisses. A tradition that began with Prince William’s parents, Charles and the ever-iconic Diana.

Tradition with a twist

Kate’s adorable facial expressions. William’s obvious Diana-like impish charm. When the Queen Mother ended the balcony appearance, her (now) royal highness  stole one last last look at the crowd over her shoulder. And her *commoner* smile was priceless.

And that probably defines where the monarchy is headed. Tradition with a modern twist. Gone may be the stuffy, aristocratic regime. Replaced by youthful vision, but with a respect for the traditions of the past. Traditions that shape their world, but may not define who they are.

And we can’t help but think Diana is smiling. And saying quietly to herself…….

You go, girl!




3 thoughts on “A Royal Affair-ytale

  1. I also tivo’d it on three different stations. I guess I have about 12 hours of it. I have been fast forwarding today, but am about to sit down and watch it all. I love, love, love it….


  2. Like you, I caught bits and pieces during the day and more in the evening. What struck me the most was, again as you said, Kate’s poise and apparent comfort with all of this pageantry, so unlike Diana. I think this princess can hold her own and bring life and joy to the monarchy.


  3. I did the same as you did (caught glimpses of it), and she truly was an amazingly beautiful bride!
    I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.


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