Because that's how we roll

It’s a good day to be the United States of America.

Our reputation has taken quite a beating in the last few years. Between skyrocketing gas prices, unemployment, loss of personal freedoms in mobility, staggering deficit spending, slow economic growth and juvenile politicians, it’s no wonder much of the world is laughing at us.

There are those within our government who have gone out of their way to bow, apologize and renounce our past to ensure the United States appears less arrogant; less dominant; less powerful. Their thinking is that, because of our imperfection and past sins, we don’t have any moral ground to stand on to justify our actions as a world superpower. They would happily have our country simply be just another nation among many, all homogeneously equal and blended together. We could all sit together, take off our shoes, hold hands, sing Kumbaya and drink the Kool-Aid. And that might work…until one factors in countries like:

North Korea, Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen…you get my point.

You can bet the farm these countries are not vying for equality among nations. They are not going quietly into the night. Well…yes, they are going quietly into the night…with their sole mission to bring down what they view as a corrupt Western lifestyle. And because, in the past, the U.S. has been such a military and economic superpower, most countries in the world today can afford to adopt a social democracy stand for themselves. Because we’ve provide peace for decades, without fear of a land grab or world dominance take-over.

Many Pacific Rim, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Latin American countries welcome our presence as a force to balance power and guarantee  freedom against corrupt governments and militarism. Do we have flaws? Yes. Do we have a checkered past? Absolutely. Do we need to diminish ourselves in the eyes of the world, and continue to hang our head in shame, apologizing over and over and over? No.

And that’s because we can do things like this.

Nine years, 7 months and 20 days. That’s how long it took after he unleashed his brand of jihad terror on the United States the morning of 9-11, and forever changed our way of life. Our intelligence and military got the job done, despite being stretched thin all over the world. Despite being criticized and reviled. We did not give up. We did not waver. We. Did. Not. Fail.

Will this end Al Qaeda’s terror? Not in the least.
Will another deranged extremist take his place? Definitely.
Will they attack us again? For sure.

Will we answer with the same message?

You better believe it.

Because we are the United States of America. It’s how we roll.



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