P is for Peanut

For those of you who take off your shoes, make yourself comfy and visit with me regularly, you’re well-acquainted with Peanut. She’s our sharp-as-a-tack, adorable, two-and-a-half-year-old pocket rocket of a grandgirl. Yes ma’am/sir…I am the blatantly biased, non-objective Nana.

You may remember her first portrait. It was taken in the delivery room. It’s not the very first picture of her, but I’m not allowed to share that one. She turned one year old when Army Wife and she lived with us while daddy was deployed to Afghanistan. He daddy came home, she turned two and they continued to stay with us until he was accepted into Army Warrant Officer School. They moved shortly before Christmas.

We took Peanut and her family, plus The Floridian, on vacation to Cancun in February. It was a fantastic week watching her play in the Caribbean sand. Precious memories I’ll never forget. And since I have about 4 gigs of photos from that trip, my guess is I’ll always remember.

It’s been 73 days since I’ve seen her. And 24 until I see her again. Yup, keeping track. She’s changed so much since that week in Cancun. Army Wife calls weekly to give updates on her latest antics. I stole the pics below from her Facebook page so I could share some cuteness with you on ABC Wednesday P-day. because P is for Peanut!

Yes, that’s a camera in her hands. Of course it’s a camera. What else would it be? You do remember who her Momma and Nana are, right?

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10 thoughts on “P is for Peanut

  1. Your peanut is adorable! You are a lucky Grandma, and I suspect she’s a lucky granddaughter too.
    Peanut was our nickname for the boy before he was born, because his first ultrasound looked like Mr. Peanut!
    Hope the days pass quickly between your visits.


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