T is for Two-year-old Toddler

I have new photos of Peanut! Our recent trip to Alabama replenished my stockpile and I’ll be sharing like an obsessed Nana…so just get ready.

Peanut is two and a half and the word Toddler just doesn’t seen to fit her personality. To me, the word Toddler conjures up impressions of a small child learning to walk/run without face planting into the floor; beginning to talk in basic 2-to-4-word sentences; overall, just learning the ropes.

Peanut climbs like a freekin’ monkey; talks and reasons like an adult; is intensely curious about everything; and will put herself into the middle of anything that’s happening around her. Since we saw her three months ago in Mexico, she isn’t much bigger but her vocabulary has exploded. She can now open the child-proof door handles, unlock the deadbolts, lock doors and, overall, get to whatever she wants…one way or the other. She loves books and keeps about 10 of them in bed with her at all times.

You will probably dismiss this as typical bragging by her Nana; and that may very well be. But I don’t call her a pocket rocket for nothing.

And for T-day at ABC Wednesday, T is for Toddler

…very loosely defined.

Visit ABC Wednesday for more T words from around the world.


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