Project64: Salmon

So, does anyone else get really excited when they finally find a match after searching Yes, you do…admit it. Surely I’m not the only one.

Salmon. Not watermelon. Not peach. Not pink. Not apricot. Salmon.

I almost gave myself a pass this week. Salmon is not a color in my decor, wardrobe or flower beds. After one final trip through every cabinet and drawer in the house, I took a break to put away the dishes and spied a coffee mug that might be as good as it gets in my world.

And I’m thinking there is a lesson to be learned here. Not that finding this shot at the eleventh hour was divine intervention or anything…but I believe there’s wisdom in knowing when to stop, sit quietly and wait. To stop trying to force life into doing what you want it to do, and allow events to unfold according to a larger plan. We human beings love to be in control. We just love to try and fix things according to our liking…to our plan. And while we do have autonomy and free will to make our own amazing or asinine decisions, sometimes it’s better to ask for a bit of guidance before charging in as Captain Salvation.

Sub­mitted for Project64: Out of the Box.
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10 thoughts on “Project64: Salmon

  1. Seriously,I think I’m somewhat colorblind, as more men than women are, if I remember my HS biology correctly. Can’t tell the difference myself. That said, glad you got your lesson of patience.


  2. I know I had to wait for my salmon this week too.
    I tried several times to find it and I just could not get a decent photo to save my life and then this morning there is was.
    Love the quote on the inside of the mug too.


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