June's Summer

In keeping with the 2011 Spring Garden Tour, I’ve been playing in the gardens again with my camera. Can you tell?

I’m calling this June’s Summer because I’m positive there will be an encore performance in the coming months.


Daylilies that have escaped being a deer snack.

Daddy Long Legs who lives in the daylilies. Contrary to popular belief, these pose no threat to humans. What? You don’t believe me? I’m crushed. Check it out HERE. I’ll resist the I told you so’s.

Spied this iris at a local art show.

Gerber Daisies are still going strong.

The Hostas are in bloom! The hummers are happy.

You knew it was coming.

Spindly Spirea.

The May Serviceberry blooms turned into red fruits and are completely gone now. My guess is birds.

No idea what kind of moth this is, but she hangs out on tree trunks.

Yeah, I know you’ve seen this one for Project 64, but I heart it.

Some of you may have already seen this shot as well when I wished you a Happy Summer Solstice. But I found yet another fun meme and cannot resist playing along. It’s called Quotography and combines two of my favorite past times….photography and quotations. This week’s prompt is Summer.

Thankfully, summer does not charge admission to her show.

If she did, I’d be bankrupt.

Submitted for Quotography

Quotography at {My}Perspective



16 thoughts on “June's Summer

  1. Great shots, loved every one of them. I do especially love the drop falling from the marigold – patience rewards you! My serviceberry is blooming now, and I’m hoping for berries. I’m hoping to see the berries before the birds get them.


  2. Wow!!!! Your photos are gorgeous. I especially love the Spindly Spirea. But your quotography??? Splendid!!!!! So soft….and a quote I do not see or hear often. I like. And may I also say…I ADORE your quote under the “This Is Me” section!!!! {me too}


  3. Each of these is gorgeous Lisa!
    Almost all of our lilies became snacks for the deer, so I am going to have to try to find some elsewhere 😦
    Have a fantastic weekend my friend!


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