A little eXtra

He’d been struggling with it for months, but refused to see the doctor. It wasn’t totally debilitating and if he gave it a little eXtra TLC, he was fairly mobile. But it finally got the best of him and yesterday…Entrepreneur had knee surgery.

Nothing major. Although what surgery isn’t major? I think anytime someone cuts on you, it’s a major, big deal. But as surgeries go, it was done as an arthroscopic procedure and without complication.

Except for the complicated, post op Entrepreneurial brain.

I’ll come home tomorrow at noon and get you some lunch.

I don’t need you to come home. I can get my own lunch.

Too bad. I’m coming home.

That was Monday on the way home from the hospital. I was determined to provide some eXtra TLC in his weakened state, but it wasn’t easy.

He did let me make him some dinner after we got home. He decided after laying around on uncomfortable hospital gurneys all day, he wanted to sleep in his own bed.

Let me help you with the pillows.

I can do it.

Why won’t you let me help you?

I let you get dinner for me.

If you wake up in pain, wake me up and I’ll get you some pain meds.

I can do it.

The last thing I need is for you to be maneuvering crutches in the dark trying to find meds in the bathroom. (Geez, and he thinks I’m hard headed)

Before I left for work Tuesday, I positioned all the important items within arm’s reach of the reclining chair/footstool…TV remote, large glass of sweet tea, breakfast, drugs, magazines, ice pack, extra pillows, crutches, phones etc.

I’ll see you at noon.


I’m coming home to check on you and get you lunch, remember?

I don’t need you to come home and check on me.

Shut up, find your remote and take your pain meds.

I don’t need the pain meds.

He might get something eXtra, but it may not be TLC. I’m glad someone else is tackling his rehab.

If he thinks he needs it.

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10 thoughts on “A little eXtra

  1. Oh too cute. My dearest is just the oposite….He want’s all the love and care he can get…even when he’s not sick or hurt.
    If you are as sweet as your picture you’re a real sweetheart.


  2. Mine is just the opposite. He gets a cold and he’s debilitated, but at the same time grumping because he’s not doing something constructive. It’s a no-win thing!


  3. Sounds kind of like my husband after he had surgery. Funny thing, though with my husband when he’s just sick (like with the flu) he wants all kinds of attention. Of course, he takes care of me when I’m sick. That’s because we love each other!!


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