Project 64: Red

Red is one of my favorite colors, and just about any shade will do. So, this week I had a hard time deciding which photo I wanted to use…so I’m showing you my top three picks.

Of course, no Independence Day weekend would be complete without a flag, so here’s my tribute to the United States of America’s birth day. I tweaked this photo for Quotography in honor of the holiday HERE.

And, as you know, my favorite fodder for photos is Peanut. Papa got her a sand pail and shovel when we all went to Cancun. She carried it with her everywhere she went  on the beach and by the pool. We turned her into quite a little “sheller” by the end of the week!

But the one that really stood out is this one. Nothing screams summer and red in the same sentence like ripe strawberries. And I was up to my ears with these delightful little berries last month. Now, I’m storing 38 pint jars of strawberry jam in the deep freeze.

Sub­mitted for Project64: Out of the Box.
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7 thoughts on “Project 64: Red

  1. Peanut is precious, but you already know that. The strawberries make me drool. Wonder why I haven’t bought any this year (we have nowhere to pick them here).


  2. Gosh look at how Peanut is growing! I can see how she is turning from a toddler into a little girl. What a little poppet.

    That’s a bumper crop of strawberries. I tried a pot of them last year but didn’t water them enough so what we had (well actually what *I* had!) were the occasional one – small but with intense flavour. I’m watching my crop of olives this year but this time tending them with love. 🙂


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