Creative Exchange-Project 64: Sea Green

Today’s post is pulling double duty this week…not because I’m lazy (well, okay, maybe a little), but because I like the way it turned out.

In this corner, we have Project64: Out of the Box where I search (seemingly in vain) for the chosen color. This week’s color almost did me in because everything I found was the wrong green. Too green; too blue; too yellow. I found one in my archives from our trip to Cancun. And the other was a last ditch effort as I was hiding inside from today’s 110F heat index.

While walking on a Cancun beach last February, we came across a family who had caught a crab in one of the tide pools. A very crabby crab who was not even slightly happy about being stuck in the Sea Green-colored pail. He was freed and didn’t waste any time fleeing his captors and burying himself in the wet sand, disappearing from sight.

My other Sea Green choice is a lovely vase Army Wife gave me that usually sits on the baker’s rack. I pass by it numerous times every day. Today I passed by it and thought…Hey! That’s pretty close to Sea Green!

Add a few carnations and there you have it. Another week completed.

Now, in this corner is Lisa Gordon’s Creative Exchange, which I’ve sadly been MIA from for a few weeks. My white backdrop had some hard creases in it, so instead of grabbing the iron, I grabbed a brush. I took a little creative license and added a Gaussian blur to the depth of field in PhotoShop. If you want to know how I did it, keep your fingers crossed that you can download a tutorial HERE. This is a tutorial I used when I taught a Design & Visuals class at the J-school. The directions are for CS3 PhotoShop. I work on a Mac computer, so I make no guarantees if you are a PC-brain person. 🙂

Submitted for Project 64: Out of the Box & Lisa Gordon’s Creative Exchange.



18 thoughts on “Creative Exchange-Project 64: Sea Green

  1. Beautiful choices. I’m a Windows user and cannot for the life of me begin to figure out PS. Maybe I just lack the focus to go through a gazillion tutorials.


    • The PS learning curve is awfully steep. I’ve worked with it for years and still don’t know half the stuff it’s capable of doing!


  2. Lisa, this is really beautiful. I love the way you’ve composed it, and the green in the vase with the white flowers.
    It truly has such a wonderful summer feel to it.

    Thank you so much for sharing this and the tutorial ( I LOVE Photoshop!) today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful day my friend!



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