Z is for Zero

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Void. Goose egg.

Webster defines it as: the arithmetical symbol denoting the absence of all magnitude or quantity.

SombreroM104And so the universe began.

It is a common theory among cosmologists that the universe  began some 15 billion years ago with a cataclysmic event causing all known energy to instantaneously come into existence. A tiny, hot, compressed area of energy exploded in less than a trillionth of a second…in total darkness. We know this theory as The Big Bang. And in a nano-second, this energy created matter and time itself. Protons, neutrons and electrons were hurled outward from ground zero and started talking with each other, forming little cliques called atoms. Over millions of years, these atoms came together and collapsed, creating stars and providing light sources. The stars that played well together clustered into groups, forming neighborhoods called galaxies. And five billion years ago, a new star was born in the Milky Way galexy. We named it Sol, Soleil, Helios, Ra/Re, Sun, Old Saul.

And there’s more…the universe continues to expand, but not just coasting along from its initial push off. Oh no, it’s actually accelerating… like’s it late for some sort of meeting. Cosmologists estimate the expanding universe is speeding along at almost 2 million miles (3.2 million kilometers) an hour…in every single direction.

So, the universe creates itself out of an explosion of energy. Obviously this begs the question of where did this energy come from to begin with. Ex nihilo, nihil fit is a basic law of physics that means, “from nothing, nothing comes.” We are expected to believe the universe simply appeared and created intelligent life as we know it. But, science and logic are also quick to tell us that life does not originate from non life.


WhirlpoolM51I do not dispute the age of the universe, or the earth. There is too much proof to think otherwise. I do not adhere to creation in seven literal, 24-hour days. I do believe there is more knowledge to be discovered about the origins of life. But, the Big Bang theory does make sense if you believe the very building blocks of the universe and life were, in fact, created. I know, it’s so hard for us mere mortals, with our infinitely, arrogant, vast knowledge and scientific discoveries to admit there may have been some help in this department 15 billion years ago.

But, where did that first spec of energy come from? Scientists are hard-pressed to give us a definitive answer. The most learned of these scientists talk about singularity. But…they say singularity didn’t originate in space. Now, wrap your mind around this…space began inside the singularity, which is an area with intense gravitational pressure that is beyond our current understanding of physics. We call them “black holes.”

So, if singularity did not exist in space, where, why and in what did it appear? If before singularity, nothing existed and afterward, all the building blocks appears, what brought about this seemingly impossible event?

Astrophysicists, Cosmologists and Philosophers have no clear answer for this.

The presence of the extra-universal matter suggests that our universe is part of something bigger—a multiverse—and that whatever is out there is very different from the universe we know, according to study leader Alexander Kashlinsky, an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

And this is where scientists and theologists could find common ground if they really wanted to play nice together. It appears the presence and inevitable “expansion” of ultra-compressed, energetic singularity could be considered a supernatural event…taking place outside of the laws of nature as we know them.

So I ask you, is it at least possible there are other forces that exists outside nature’s realm?

In the beginning God created…

Submitted for ABC Wednesday. To see more alphabet fun, click HERE.

12 thoughts on “Z is for Zero

  1. Our English language is so cool! We both discuss “zero” in such different (but in my opinion equally interesting) ways! Great “Z” post. I look forward to starting again and reading more!


  2. Interesting post, but how beyond our comprehension! We learned that material never get lost, and never can nothing create anything. I really don’t know how to understand this ever.


  3. What a lovely, interesting, thought-provoking post. It really all boggles the mind – the human mind. A “multiverse.” Just trying to imagine it is extraordinary.

    But I for one enjoy a little mystery, and I imagine we will always be bathed in some amount of it – whatever we may name it.


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