Little things make me happy

Remember this shot?

Taken after one of our winter snows last February, it was closed for the season.

But now…the nest in the Korean Spice Viburnum bush in the backyard has new owners. I saw the happy couple checking out the neighborhood this spring. Evidently they liked the amenities and decided to become homeowners. I, personally, think it’s a wonder the nest survived the winter and spring storms. But when a dwelling is well built, I suppose it will withstand the strongest of storms.

She seems to like her new casa. Although I don’t think she appreciated the paparazzi lurking around waiting for that perfect shot.

I stumbled upon Mama Cardinal when I was garden-hunting with my camera. She tolerated me for about 5 seconds before she flew off to distract me from the real prize. Despite my best stealth skills, she saw me every time. Scolding me from a nearby tree, I gave up and retreated into the house. However, one of the downstairs bedrooms has a perfect viewing window. It took her a little longer to figure out I was there behind the glass with my camera.

I checked on her every time I was outside to see if she was still sitting pretty. During the 100F degree days last week, I lightly misted the bush with the hose, and made sure the bird bath had cool water in it. I even hung a suet feeder in one of the trees close-by. Last night, she left and I peeked in to see how things were progressing. I was so excited! I ran back in the house to grab the camera because I saw this………

Everyone together now…


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