Will you be my Real or Imaginary friend?

Lisa Gordon raised an interesting topic today over at Creative Exchange. She asked, are your blogger friends, your REAL friends, or are they your imaginary friends?

In the 2 years I’ve been blogging, I’ve met a few people I would now definitely consider friends. By definition, the value of a real friendship can be gauged by how well they show a mutual understanding and compassion for topics that are important to me. I count on my friends to be honest. Even when its difficult to hear, I trust that my friends want what is best for me. Friends need to be empathetic and sympathetic and come to my pity parties when invited. And, most of all, there is a relationship based on reciprocity. If communication is always one-sided, a real friendship probably doesn’t exist.

If the value of friendship is based on that, I’d say I most certainly do have real blogger friends. While we can’t meet for lunch or happy hour; and they span from California to Georgia to New York to England to Italy and many places in-between; they are the peeps who take time to email me and check to see what’s new. They take time to comment on many of my posts even though they live at warp speed like everyone else. We’ve even talked at length on the phone. They aren’t hit and run commenters. They’ve invested their time in me….and I try very hard to reciprocate.

I imagine they know who they are. Some have kiddos still at home, some are empty nesters. Some share my political views, some don’t. Some are married, some are single. But all of them have inspired me. Through their writings, photography, poems etc., I know them…their hopes, their dreams, their fears. I know their families, their strengths and their weaknesses. I believe I know many of them as well as I know my BFFs here in town.

So, I imagine that, based on what I’ve learned about them through their writings and other conversations, we’d be real good friends if distance didn’t separate us.

Submitted for Lisa Gordon’s Creative Exchange

11 thoughts on “Will you be my Real or Imaginary friend?

  1. Good topic Lisa. I have plenty of online friends that email me with information, offer support, and otherwise act kindly to me. I didn’t get into blogging for this perk, but it has been an unexpected benefit.


  2. As in life – isn’t it, Lisa? There are those we may relate to in a casual way, and others in very substantive ways.

    I am grateful to count real friends among those I’ve encountered online. Terrific people I can count on, and who know they can count on me.


  3. If pictures were a pre-requisite to being a friend, you’d be my friend. Love your picture, great focus and I love the soft yellow -looks like mine, Sunday Gloves, and I haven’t succeeded in capturing a satisfactory shot yet this year. Have a great week!


  4. Lisa, this is so nicely written (as is everything you write here!), and I could not agree with you more.
    I truly enjoyed reading this, and your photograph is absolutely gorgeous! Truly an amazing macro.
    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Hope you’ve had a wonderful day!



  5. definitely real. when you read something and say, ‘hey, so-and-so would really enjoy that,’ and you know so-and-so well enough, what else can it be.

    i will say, specifically, that you know me better than about 80% of the people I see on a daily basis. we agree on a lot of things (like faith- my blogpost today!), disagree on a few (I’m likely more politically liberal than you), and I admire the heck out of your 96-crayon mentality.


  6. Beautiful image Lisa! Blogging friends share common interests, just like any other friends. They encourage and inspire each other; they care about each other.


  7. Beautiful photo, lovely words. I agree, some of the people I’ve “met” through blogging are people I feel could be friends in “real” life too. Some are just comfortable (and some comforting) to read and provide a sense of kinship. It’s a nice world.


  8. Lovely post and great picture! I would have to say I’ve found some wonderful people I’m proud to call my friends through blogging. It almost reminds me of when I had pen pals at school, except on a grander, more public, scale.


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