Quotography: Family

My nest is now empty, but the ghosts of childrens’ giggles linger from years gone by. It’s true that laughter is the best medicine, and when Army Wife/Guy/Peanut and The Floridian all lived with us last summer, there were always opportunities for detours.

Family. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in……oh, wait, those are marriage promises. I believe they could apply to family as well because whether life is smooth or challenging; whether you’re rich or poor; whether you’re sick or healthy, family is the tie that binds us together. And in the end, family is the only truly important thing worth living for.

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10 thoughts on “Quotography: Family

  1. What a wonderful post this is Lisa.
    Timely for me too, as my nest is about to become empty in just a little over a month.
    To be perfectly honest, I am dreading it, but at the same time so happy to see my kids pursuing their dreams.
    Definitely bittersweet.


  2. Hi Lisa!

    Could you try to link up at The Creative Exchange again?
    For some reason when I click on the link to go to your post, it comes back with a message, “Not found.”
    Just want folks to be able to visit you here.

    lisa. xo


  3. So very true. I love it when my kids come home to visit, and it is so sad when they leave again. But yet I want them to have their own lives. As Lisa (the pink and white gravator Lisa)said, it is bittersweet.


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