Whew…made it through another year

Last year at this time I wrote a piece called So This is What 30 Looks Like. It was for Entrepreneur and my 30th anniversary. Since there’s nothing particularly nostalgic about wedding anniversary #31, I’d like to defer to last year’s post for most of today’s thoughts. If you missed it, hit that link above and read it now. It’s some of my better work if I do say so myself.

Thirty-one years. Not exactly a major milestone. But a milestone none-the-less in this day and age. There isn’t a traditional gift to be given for #31; the modern gift is a timepiece. A timepiece? Seriously? A watch? A clock? Ovens, microwaves, phones, computers, televisions and cars all have timepiece capabilities these days, so I guess my list of options is more varied than I thought.

In reality, we’re probably going to get new carpet for the house. Entrepreneur got very ambitious before knee surgery and pulled up most of the carpet in anticipation of renovating. I stopped him at the family room, but we’ve been walking around the tack board on subfloor and concrete for about a month now. Yeah, carpet sounds like a great gift.

Nothing says I love you after 31 years more than wall-to-wall, cushy-soft, new-house-smell carpet.

Well, that and a couple glasses of wine.

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8 thoughts on “Whew…made it through another year

  1. Wonderful post Lisa, and so perfect for The Creative Exchange!


    Thank you so much for sharing this today Lisa!

    lisa. xo


  2. congrantlations.. its something you both should be very proud of.. don’t hear much news like this in this day and age.. so good for you both.. and I wish you many many more… love your photo..


  3. Congratulations!! Pat & I hit #37 this May – we keep telling the kids we’ll make it legal some day but having too much fun for now!! I’m thinking 90% Perseverance and 10% Passion most of the time with that occasional ‘WOW’ flip of percentages just to keep things interesting!!


  4. Every anniversary of another year spent with someone you love, like and enjoy being with is nostalgic and memorable. The true gift is the relationship. But, hey, carpet is also great! Although I’d go with laminated wood. And the wine.


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