Versatility is the key

Roger at Rambling with Roger gave me a some very nice recognition with the Versatile Blog Award; and I thank him for thinking of me. Since I’m a firm believer in knowing the rules before you break bend manipulate ignore adjust them, I’m suppose to provide seven facts about myself and then give the award to several other bloggers.

Some of you may know these things, some may not…but these are the ones I’m goin’ with this time.

7. At any given time, I have two Firefox windows open with 8-10 tabs in each one. One window is for work, the other…is not.

6. At any given time, I have at least 7 applications open and running on my computer. Firefox, Entourage, Word, Excel, InDesign, PhotoShop and Adobe Acrobat just to name a few. I know, this is a foreign concept to PC operators.

5. When Army Wife was 8 years old she said she was running away from home. I helped her pack. She only made it halfway down the stairs.

4. I got hooked on Harry Potter when we bought the first book for The Floridian back in 1997. Now, she I own all 7 books and have read the set through 4 times. Also own all but the last movie. I believe it’s a wonderful story of selflessness, friendship, sacrifice and plain ol’ courage.

3. Along the lines of #4, I love High Fantasy. The Chronicles of Narnia; Lord of the Rings; The Last Unicorn; The Neverending Story. High Fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy and the stories are set in an invented or parallel world. It’s the way I roll.

2. I have a love/hate relationship with shoes. I love to shop for cute, sassy shoes…and buy them…but hate to wear them most of the time. You’ll rarely find me with shoes on inside my house.

1. If I ever won big in the lottery, I’d retire. One the spot. None of this I’ll continue to work the same as before nonsense. I’m outta here. But, of course, to win you must play. I knew there was a catch.

Now, for the rule-breaking part.

If you read and comment regularly here at Peripheral Perceptions and don’t already have this award, please take it now. I offer it with my sincere disbelief appreciation that you actually take time to read my wanderings and find something to say about them. Each of you are versatile in your own right, and I’m happy to have met you.

There, now go pay it forward.

4 thoughts on “Versatility is the key

  1. Each time I am here, I read every word, and it’s posts like these that are the reason why.
    With the exception of the fact that I don’t use Firefox very often, I could have written each one of those 7 things.
    I too helped my kids pack the one time that each of them decided to run away. Note that I said one time. It never happened again!
    I did sneak just a couple of words in today, and I thank you for the smile I got when reading your comment! 🙂
    Have a fantastic weekend Lisa!!


  2. Congrats on the well deserved award Lisa.

    I laughed at your #7–that is what I want to do, but our little home computer would explode so I stay to 3 or 4 windows and twiddle my thumbs waiting for it to load.


  3. Always I read your words – sometimes way after-the-fact, but nonetheless, I read them. Always I enjoy what you have to say and your photos when included. Always it is an award well-deserved. Congratulations!


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