Monday Memes: Quotography and Creative Exchange

The Daughters are 26 and 23. There is something about grown-up daughters that releases us parents to sometimes act not very adult-like. It seems like when they are growing up we become so preoccupied with being a parent, we sometimes forget to be playful. And then, there’s the teenage years where playful parents are just not cool. At all. But now, as adults, the Daughters see it. They see that their parents do have a fun side. It was there all along, just hidden most of the time because we were masquerading as responsible adults.

Our winter escape last February had many moments when grown-up and adult were not even remotely in the vocabulary. To really appreciate the photo above, you must see it in context with the other shots in my attempt to capture a “good” shot of Dad and his Daughters before they headed out to the Cancun nightclub, CoCo Bongo. Me? I babysat Peanut. 🙂

First, the finished product:

Not bad.

And then we have these:

Submitted for Quotography Theme: Anything
and Lisa Gordon’s Creative Exchange

8 thoughts on “Monday Memes: Quotography and Creative Exchange

  1. Oh my goodness Lisa, these are wonderful!! I would love to see these hanging as a series. I love the fact that one cannot help but feel so good when looking at these.
    What a beautiful family you have!

    Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful day!



  2. How fun! I love the “final” photo, but the “outtakes” made me giggle and wish I had been a mouse in the corner. How great that you have these to bring back the memories.


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