Are you a daydreamer? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I don’t know why daydreaming gets such bad press in our society, but meditation is considered healthy. It seems like if you are labeled a daydreamer, it means you are lazy; not doing anything productive. I totally disagree. Where would we be if no one daydreamed? Dreaming about ambitions, hopes and goals can help your mind visualize a way to achieve them. Daydreaming can be so much more than simple wish-fulfillment. Done correctly….on a beach with your toes dug deep in the sand and drink in hand…it can clear your head to help your mind focus on the future.

Daydreaming can also help you work through personal issues and resolve conflict. The saying absence makes the heart grow fonder can be fueled by parted lovers daydreaming of each other. 🙂

Without daydreamers, we probably wouldn’t have musicians, artists or writers. And who would want to live in a world without music, art or stories? The movie scenes that take our breath away probably began as someone’s seemingly far off stare.

So take that mini-vacay in your mind. Chillax, meditate daydream and leave the stress of life behind, if only for a few minutes. It will be there when you return, but you might return with a renewed approach.

Submitted for Creative Exchange and Quotography



14 thoughts on “Daydreaming

  1. Love, love, love this, and I could not agree with you more Lisa!
    Some of my best and most productive time is the time spent daydreaming.
    This was such an enjoyable post, and wonderful photograph to go with it.

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange. Just perfect for it!

    Sending you wishes for a wonderful evening!

    lisa. xo


  2. Love that photo – would love that as my front yard. Daydreaming is the thing I’m best at doing. I do that so much better than things like housework, and sometimes, sometimes those daydreams turn into something real and wonderful.


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