Project 64: Green Yellow

This color just about did me in this week. Not sure why it was so hard, but I couldn’t find the right color anywhere. So, forgive me, but I had to pull from tropical vacay archives just to come close. Not very exciting, but there is green yellow in them there leaves.

I am amazed at how resort staff can assemble gorgeous tropical flower arrangements.

Now, I’m on to BLUE! That should be easy, shouldn’t it?

Sub­mitted for Project 64: Out of the Box
To see my Crayon Col­lec­tion so far, click HERE

9 thoughts on “Project 64: Green Yellow

  1. I am behind…again! so here goes……Happy Birthday Tanner – and yes, Golden Retrievers are most definitely the best dogs on the planet (the only dog I have ever had was a GR so maybe I am biased)….F for forgiveness….I don’t do revenge but I know that I am not good at forgiving the really big stuff, it is sonething I am trying to work on and that last line is, like you say, so beautiful and something I am going to try to remember and live by……and …….your Project 64 posts ROCK!!!!!!


  2. Love your choice here. If it were spring, you’d have had no problem at all.

    Is just plain blue next? I think that’s one of the toughest colors to match. Almost everything is a variation of blue. I’m looking forward to what you conjure up.


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