Chocolate Wisdom: No boundaries

So apparently I missed World Chocolate Day. It came and went without me on Sunday, September 4th. But it’s all good, because I was otherwise entertained by Peanut’s 3rd birthday.

And, as a card-carrying, self-professed Chocoholic, I’m sure I had some that day. And because she is my grandgirl…so did Peanut. It was a Tootsie Roll party and the little chocolate treats were everywhere. She even had a cake in the shape of a pink (of course it was pink) Tootsie Roll.

As you can see, the sugar high kicked in…around 6pm. She was still bouncing around the bed at 9:30pm when I was trying to get her to settle down to go to sleep. At one point, she flopped down beside me and asked, Are you getting mad at me? And with my best stern Nana face, I told her, Yes! Although I don’t think she believed me for a second. Have I told you how smart she is?

I leave you now with some new Chocolate Wisdom to ponder today. Think without boundaries. Don’t confine ideas and hold them captive inside your comfort zone. New ideas can’t happen when we refuse to step outside the confines that keep us imprisoned in the past. Try and live life without fear of falling…or failing, because it’s the present and future that determines whether we will live life to the fullest. May yours be full of possibilities!

7 thoughts on “Chocolate Wisdom: No boundaries

  1. All the good things in life, what more could you want? As to letting ideas in, I try very hard to keep my box open on at least one end. Freedom to let thoughts wander is second only to chocolate. And maybe wine.


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