Yes, I'm a bit passive aggressive

Back in July I told you all Entrepreneur and I were celebrating our 31st anniversary. And now that we have an empty nest, our gift to each other was new flooring. Try to contain your excitement…I’m happy to finally not to be walking around on sub floor and around the tack board anymore.

So the new carpet is down and looks fabulous. That’s when Entrepreneur said, I don’t want Tanner on the carpet.


He can stay in on the kitchen tile. I don’t want dog hair all over the new carpet.

Are you kidding me? That’s why God invented vacuum cleaners.

So that evening I dutifully got up out of my chair every time Tanner wanted to be with us in the family room. I got up and took him back to the kitchen not one, not two, but three times before I said to Entrepreneur…You’re the one who has issues with this, you get up and take him back to the kitchen if you don’t want him in here.

He compromised by agreeing that if Tanner had a dog bed in the room, he could be with us….provided he was in the bed at all times.

Okay. Fine.

The next day I went to the store and bought a dog bed. Put it on the credit card. And forgot to tell him how much it cost.

You spent $90 on a dog bed?

No. I spent $85. You didn’t want him on the carpet and none of the Walmart dog pillows were acceptable. Look…he loves it. It’s worth it if he likes it, isn’t it?

I’m getting another one at Christmas for the bedroom. Because that’s the next room scheduled for carpet.

12 thoughts on “Yes, I'm a bit passive aggressive

  1. Entrepreneur does take his shoes off and put clean white socks on before walking on the carpet, yes? We wouldn’t want dirt from shoes or socks or dye from colored socks or oil from bare feet to soil that new carpet. I love your solution!


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