Project 64: Bittersweet and Quotography: Time

In my quest for a spectacular good decent acceptable passable full-moon-light shot, I was out on the patio pointing my lens to the sky one more time a couple of weeks ago. The clouds surrounding the full moon were very strange and I have no explanation why they were the color of bittersweet…except the cosmos must have known I’d need this shot for Project 64: Out of the Box in the future.

And then, the theme for Quotography this week turned out to be time. So, to explain why I have a shot of a full moon to represent time and God, here’s a peak inside my analytical (not) brain…

God is infinite; the universe is infinite; time is infinite. Sooooo…and this may be the extent of my math capabilities on a Monday morning….if A=D and B=D and C=D, then they’re all interchangeable! Impressed? I knew you would be. Thank you.

The bittersweet color was just a bonus.

Submitted for Project 64: Bittersweet and Quotography: Time



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