Project 64: Periwinkle

Is this project getting challenging for anyone else? It seems like some weeks I find the color immediately, and then there are other weeks where I’m scrambling for time to find anything close. Periwinkle is one of those weeks for me. But…aha! What did I notice when cleaning the bathroom? A handmade pottery piece I use as a soap dish…with periwinkle swirls. Score!

I should probably clean more often. Who knows what I’d find.

Submitted for Project 64: Out of the Box

6 thoughts on “Project 64: Periwinkle

    • LOL! The color isn’t soap scum! Its actually part of the pottery. But I can see where you got that idea. I didn’t explain it very well. Oops. My mistake. But periwinkle soap scum would be very pretty. 🙂


  1. Things needing to be cleaned is never-ending, but the results are usually very short-lived. That causes frustration and frustration is bad for your heart. The answer obviously is: Don’t waste time cleaning too often. Besides, if you time it right the results are striking, which causes “ahhhs” of pleasure. That’s good for you.


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