Nothing is too far gone

One of my BFFs introduced me to a comedian I’d never heard before named Jeff Allen. After watching a number of his comedy clips on YouTube, I did a little digging into his story. And wow…what an unbelievable story it is.

First, the funny stuff…

Now, for the back story. These two clips begin a much more in-depth glimpse into a life filled with pain, suffering, hurt, disappointment, abuse and addiction…a life that was all but destroyed until a change in attitude resulted in miraculous redemption and restoration. He and his wife had to crash land at rock bottom and become completely broken before they could ask for help. But when they looked up from the abyss and asked, help was given.

And then there’s this one from her point of view…

A man on a broken road to be sure. But what I find most tear-jerking is the story about how his son, now older, told his father he forgave him for beating him when he was a baby. Forgave the unforgivable because the relationship was that important to him.

This story is a true testimonial that nothing…no situation…no circumstance…no relationship…no person is too far gone regardless of how it appears. It may look to everyone else like this (fill in the blank) has destroyed you and everything around you…but that’s when truly miraculous things happen…if you look up and ask God to extend his hand and rescue your life.

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