Walk in the woodlands

Our neighborhood is in the “county.” That means we are outside the city limits of our town. A mile outside. It’s not all that rural, but every home sits on about 2 acres of land, and we are surrounded by areas of farmland. I love it because, if I need help, I can go outside and scream. But I don’t hear my neighbors’ conversations or know what they’re having for dinner if my windows are open.

Tanner and I were walking the other evening and…since Autumn is my favorite time of year…I couldn’t help but snap some shots of our woodland areas with my phone. Come walk with us.

The wildfowers are abundant. As are the beetle bugs.

Tanner waited impatiently while I stopped every 50 feet to snap a shot or five. Have you ever tried to hold a camera phone still and take a shot with one hand while the other is holding a leash with a dog who has pent up energy and wants to walk N.O.W!

This puffy pod is my favorite find!

What’s left of the Queen Ann’s Lace wildflowers is my other favorite find.

Or, maybe this one is the other favorite find. Heck, they’re all my favorites!

Fleabane is an adorable little wildflower.

And this, boys and girls, is what poison ivy looks like in the autumn. I know this because in third grade I picked some lovely red leaves for the autumn bulletin board in our classroom. My teacher’s eyes went wide with panic when I brought them to her after recess. That’s also when we discovered I was ex.trem.ely and violently allergic to the plant. I missed a week of school.

Hopefully this is one of many walks we’ll take before the snow flies.


5 thoughts on “Walk in the woodlands

  1. A lovely walk it was, and thank Tanner for being patient. Perhaps I’ll take my girls for a walk today, although I say that frequently. I’m with you, they’re all my favorites.


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