7 Deadly Sins revealed

There’s nothing like self-assessment to make you appreciate what you have, and let go of the things that aren’t important. I stole ripped off borrowed this meme idea from Rambling with Roger and tried to be serious about filling in the blanks. I almost made it.

1. Pride. Seven great things about yourself
I’m a friend for life, whether you want me or not.
Good listener
Smart-both book and street
Plays well with others
Sometimes I’m funny
I’m creative when properly caffeinated
Can cook decently (when I want to: see Sloth)

2. Envy. Seven Six things you lack and covet
I simply Can. Not. Sing. Covet? You bet.
Ability to write down long-range goals. Lack? Yes. Covet? I should, but I don’t.
Ability to speak a foreign language
Time and resources to travel to my heart’s content
Living closer to my kids and grandgirl
A size 6 figure

3. Wrath. Seven things that piss you off
People who abuse children
People who abuse animals
Double standards
Those who are quick to judge
Blogs with Open ID but still require a captcha

4. Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do
Take vitamins
Make doctor appts
Cook more often
Purging the closet of outdated clothes

5. Greed. Seven Six worldly material desires
A shiny new, big iMac
The latest and greatest mac laptop
A white iPad (absolutely don’t need it, but it’s cool to say you have one)
CS5 (latest and greatest Adobe graphic software)
Red heels (I know that shouldn’t be hard, but I can’t find any I like)
Macro camera lens

6. Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures
Dark Chocolate…x 7

7. Lust. Seven love secrets
Smart women are inherently sexier than not-so-smart women. (Stole Borrowed this one from Roger)
Know your love language…and your partner’s language…and practice it
Follow the 80/20 rule: give 80% and expect 20% (this goes for both people)
The rest are exactly that….SECRETS!

Give it a try. It’s harder than it looks.

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