October Peanuts

Peanut’s Mama shared with me some of their October memories. So, of course, I’m going to share them with you all. After all, that’s what a good Nana does.

She’s doing a rain dance. This is what happens when one reads too much Pocahontas. Next thing you know, she’ll be talking to willow trees.

What? Doesn’t everyone accessorize when making chocolate chip cookies? Well, they should.

Their trip to visit the Floridian included some pumpkin carving. But first there was the obligatory squeezing of the punkin guts.

Followed by scooping out the rest of the seeds by hand.

And finally, the big night! It’s a Nemo Peanut. Or a Peanut Nemo. Either way….

how could anyone turn away that face?

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