Quotography: Favorite October photo

Old trees fascinate me. This maple beauty is in Entrepreneur’s parents’ front yard. It’s been there as long as I can remember…going on 36 years. It seems to always deliver glorious Autumn color, no matter what. I believe it’s probably because its roots run deep, making it less susceptible to the stress of drought. Deep roots also help protect it against strong winds that might uproot a more immature tree.

It seems that everything I see in nature these days has a parallel lesson for life. This is no different.

Storms make the oak grow deeper roots. ~George Herbert

Storms and drought force a tree to push its roots deep into the earth for survival. The deeper the roots, the more stable the tree when the winds blow. The deeper the roots, the more well-watered the tree when drought withholds life-giving rain on the surface.

When our roots are shallow, the storms of life can all too easily easily uproot us. Likewise when our roots are shallow and there isn’t any rain to sustain us, we wither up and and die.

But it’s an odd Catch-22. Without storms and drought, a tree’s roots won’t dig deep into the ground. It’s only when faced with crisis situations, do roots push deeper to help keep it alive. They search for a life-source in the water table or underground springs. And in doing so, they stabilize the tree against harsh weather on the surface.

Perhaps the storms and droughts of life are doing the same thing to us. Without them, we never have a reason to dig deep into ourselves and find that life-sustaining force that stabilizes and keeps us alive.

How deep are your roots?
What life-sustaining force are you digging deep to find?
Are you stable enough to withstand life’s drought and storms?

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10 thoughts on “Quotography: Favorite October photo

  1. Old trees would fascinate me more if I wasn’t forced by the city to pay to take them down when I can least afford to do so – to the tune of a few thousand bucks.

    What am I digging for now?

    Seeds to a money tree.


  2. Such true words. It is the storms in our lives that make us reach deeper and find our true strengths. Finding our true strengths gives us courage and the knowledge that we can survive. We will survive the storms and we will continue to grow. Your words touch my heart.


  3. Wow…very thought provoking post! My search in life is how to grow old gracefully…the ever changing landscape of life has taken me into the Autumn of my years! Embrace and accept is what becomes a big part of our growing process!


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