Autumn stroll at dusk

My walk with Tanner last week resulted in a number of photo/blog opportunities. You might have seen my latest entry for Project 64: Purple Mountains’ Majesty. What I didn’t share was that the photo was touched up just a bit….okay, a lot. Below is the original photo, SOOC [aka: Straight Out Of the Camera (phone)]. Unfortunately, the color of the sky, full moon and silhouette of the grass were upstaged by the ugly power lines running through the entire shot. A blemish that most definitely needed to be removed.



Much better, don’t you think? I do too.

I wish I could say it was accomplished with tons of PhotoShop magic, but it really was just the clone tool and a lot of patience. My version of PS doesn’t have a “healing brush” so I had to do it the old -fashioned way. 🙂 I burned parts of the lower photo to hide a pile of gravel at the construction site.

Here are a few more dusky shots captured along the way that evening.

Submitted for Creative Exchange


8 thoughts on “Autumn stroll at dusk

  1. Perfectly lovely time for a walk. My pictures of the moon never turn out that well. My son says if I would learn to use a “real” camera, I could do it. Laziness prevails.


  2. Love, love, love that clone stamp!!
    I have used it to “take down” a whole lotta power lines! 🙂
    Each of these is just beautiful Lisa, and I thank you so much for sharing them today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!



  3. I don’t use PS yet so power lines means I don’t shoot. I hold the image in my mind.

    Last week there were some gorgeous evenings up here too. Nice work (and I do mean work, cloning is so painstaking).


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