Project 64: Orange

Good thing the color orange was selected before punkin season was completely behind us! Perfect color for Autumn.


This year we don’t have any little ones around. Peanut was with us for the past two years and I have mega-megabytes of pictures! This one is from one of last year’s pumpkin fests. But this year is different. I just don’t have any incentive to decorate for the seasons like I have in years past. I didn’t even buy pumpkins this year. Did the bare minimum for Halloween and it was all back in the box the day after.

When children are little, it’s no holds barred with the decorating…doesn’t matter what the holiday. Watching their faces light up is pure joy. To experience holidays with children is to become a child again yourself. As they get older, the decorating get a little less until you realize one day you’re leaving more decorations in the box than out.

When you’re in the throws of 24-7-365 parenting, you don’t realize these times are going to someday end. It won’t be until twenty years later when you come across the Halloween costume you made for your daughter when she was 6 that you’ll realize just how fast time flies.

I hope I find some Christmas decorating spirit before January.

Sub­mitted for Project 64: Out of the Box
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4 thoughts on “Project 64: Orange

  1. Such a happy cutie with her pumpkin! My decorating for any holiday diminishes every year. Last year Christmas was the tree, decorated only with lights because of Lily kitty. I suspect it will be the same this year. Because of Lily kitty. Not so many years ago that would have made me weep. Now? It’s just fine. It’s having the kids here that really matters, and the joy of their company that lights up and decorates our home.


  2. Thankfully we have two kids (& families) in the state and they always spend T-giving with us so I still do my Fall decorating. We are trying to pare down the tons of Christmas chachkis (sp) and replace with nice larger pieces. I still love curling up with music, a book, cup of wassail and the lit Christmas tree.


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