Did you miss me?

I apologize upfront to all my bloggy buddies. I’ve been very lax in visiting you. No, I’m not ignoring you. Yes, you’re all still vitally important to me. But this past week or so was a whirlwind and I simply haven’t had time at work or home to kick back and read all my faves. I promise I’ll do better. No, really, I promise. Please don’t think I’ve forgotten you.

Last Wednesday officially kicked off the holidays and the crazy schedules began. Our 18-hour road trip to see The Floridian, Peanut and her Mama had us sitting in 5 mile an hour traffic outside Atlanta for an hour and a half…because everyone is Atlanta obviously got off work Wednesday at noon for Thanksgiving.

But we finally arrived in Florida to begin our long holiday weekend!

This is The Floridian’s new casa. Gone are the apartment days, and there’s a palm tree in the front yard. SCORE! She shares this house with 2 dogs, 2 cats and, oh yes….a young man who seems to be crazy about her. I’ll call him DJ…for now.

Only a few blocks from the beach, they’re living what most of us only dream about…successfully adopting a “beach mentality”!

Peanut and her mama also moved in for the weekend. Cozy for sure.

Thanksgiving Day began with a “beach” street party filled with people in all sorts of strange head gear. I have no idea who these people are. I lifted my camera to get a shot of the street and they must have thought I wanted a shot of them decked out in their turkey hats.


Words cannot describe how much we missed her.

On to the beach!


It was just a wee bit breezy at the beach (high wind warnings) Thursday morning. And Peanut’s Mama did her best Audrey Hepburn impression. I think she carried it off very well.

Of course, shelling is the favorite past time whenever we’re at the beach, and this was no exception. Peanut was introduced to serious shelling in Cancun last year on vacation, so she’s a pro at 3 years old. When she’s not running, of course.

There are family members missing from this shot, but hopefully they will be with us next time.

Black Friday was NOT spent jostling for position at dark thirty in the morning. Instead, we took a day trip to St. Augustine to enjoy the Florida sunshine…leaving the shopping craziness to … the crazy people.


St. Augustine, Florida is our nation’s oldest city. Originally settled by the Spanish, the city is gearing up for a huge celebration party beginning in 2012 with the bicentennial of the Spanish Constitution. The fun continues into 2013 with the 500th anniversary of the founding of Florida by Juan Ponce de Leon.

And to top it all off, on September 8, 2015 the city will commemorate its 450th anniversary as the oldest, continually occupied European settlement in the United States.

Peanut’s Mama took this shot in one of the local historical museums. Given St. Augustine’s history of shipwrecks, pirates and military conflict between the Spanish, French and British, it’s probably little wonder why this motto appears on the wall!

But instead of spending time looking for plundered gold and guns, we took an Inter-coastal harbor cruise on the top deck of a tour boat to help us de-stress from life’s challenges. Add a few adult beverages and we’re good as new.




A winery tour and visit to a chocolatier rounded out the day. The rest of our trip south was spent soaking up as much Peanut love as we could get.

So there’s my reasons for not keeping current with you all. Am I forgiven?

7 thoughts on “Did you miss me?

  1. Oh yes, you are forgiven. Who am I to criticize, with my gaps in posting and reading posts? I think it’s wonderful you were able to have most of the family together for the holiday and I will hope, along with you, that next year will bring the whole family together.


  2. You most definitely are (forgiven).
    What a trip this must have been, but oh so worth it!
    Peanut is growing so fast, and is as adorable as ever.
    I hope you have a wonderful time there dear friend.

    P.S. What a beautiful family you have!



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