Well, it’s official.

OMG, no. It’s not me. If it were, I know one OB/GYN who would have LOTS of explaining to do.

Army Wife/Guy are expecting their second child! Army Wife describes it as a little butterbean. And Peanut is excited to have a little baby brother or sister around July 9th. As excited as a 3-year-old can be right now since Santa pretty much tops the list.

Just think, a new little “peanut” to add to our family! We’re all super excited to welcome another grandbaby into the clan. But what should I call the new addition? Peanut is already taken. Butterbean will work for another few weeks, but then what?

Decisions, decisions. Naming someone in your blog is so stressful. Yes, feel free to offer your suggestions.

The news came as a surprise to everyone a couple of weeks ago. But I guess that’s how life usually works. When you least expect it, life takes twists and turns that leave you wondering, why now? That answer is above my pay grade. Only God knows why this is the right time to bless them with another child. I do know the last thing Army Wife wanted was to be late preggers during the Alabama summer. June and July are hot in Alabama. Heck, May is hot in Alabama.

Why now? We don’t know. But many times we’re not given what we want…but what we need. Timing is everything…and everything is timed accordingly.

Children (and grandchildren) are gifts to enrich our lives and remind us of our priorities. When they arrive, it’s not about us anymore….it’s all about them. Everything we do, we do to try and ensure a happy, safe and secure life for them. And most of us do this willingly. We set aside our whims, whines and frivolous wants. We’re focused on this tiny life that’s totally dependent on us for physical, emotional and spiritual survival. “Role model” takes on an entirely new meaning once children enter the picture. Or at least it should.

I think children are God’s way of driving home that the universe does not revolve around us. 🙂

A new baby is like the beginning of all things–wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
~Eda J. Le Shan

8 thoughts on “Butterbean?

  1. CONGRATULATIONS Lisa, and also to Army Guy/Wife, and Peanut.
    A truly special Christmas blessing.
    Don’t ask me why, but the first thing that came to mind when I saw the ultrasound image was “Sprout.”
    Sending you big hugs!!!


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