Creative Exchange: favorite photo

Lisa Gordon at Creative Exchange tied a theme to this week for those who want to play. The topic is our favorite photo of 2011. That really got me thinking about the gajillion photos I took this past year. But really only a couple surfaced over the clutter in my head.

The first one is HERE. It was taken in February while we were in Cancun, Mexico. It’s definitely been one of my favorites all year.

But I think this one might have pulled into the lead at the last minute.

The photo started out like this. I was trying some type of artsy shot but failed. The background is terrible and the lighting is equally uninspiring. But I take what I can get with an active 3-year-old Peanut who seldom sits still!

With a little work, I got the background and the lighting better, but it’s still nothing special.

Then I was working on some of my shots from our trip to the Magic Tree and came across some I took with the idea of trying to make a texture. I backed the opacity off to 50%.


Then I put it on another layer in my adjusted photo, and set the Effects to Overlay at 50%.

Add some text and there you have it. I posted a similar shot for Lisa’s Creative Exchange on December 21st, but think I like this one better.

Sub­mitted for Cre­ative Exchange


7 thoughts on “Creative Exchange: favorite photo

  1. Lisa, I love all of your photos, but it would be very, very difficult to top this one.
    The photograph itself is simply precious, and your processing of it takes it over-the-top.
    Really, really beautiful!

    Thank you so very much for sharing at the Creative Exchange today.

    I hope your New Year has gotten off to a great start!



  2. This is beautiful. I really need to learn more about my Photoshop Elements software and how to do all the layering effects. I love what you’ve done to both of these photos.



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