Morning ice in Missouri

Friday night it snowed…a little bit. Barely covered the ground. Here it is January and we’ve hardly had any snow at all despite the forecasts for a cold, wet winter. Entrepreneur is not complaining one bit. And while temps in the 40s and 50s are nice in January, part of me longs for a bit of the white stuff.

But this morning the sun was up enough to make all the ice crystals shimmer in the morning light, so it was time.

Tanner and I pulled on our boots and coat (okay, I did and he jumped around the room at the thought of playing in the snow) and went to fill the feeders.

Yes, even the ones for those pesky squirrels.

Then I got a little side tracked.

The ice looked like little diamonds on the branches of the spirea.

Even the birdbath had a little frosting.

Feeders full and the grounds properly inspected, Tanner took up watch for…anything that moved.

This might be my new favorite photo of him. I never noticed the two swirls above his eyes until I pulled it off the camera!




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