Project 64: Yellow

She’s been hanging out on my computer desktop for a couple of months now, waiting for her P64 turn. Actually, she was hanging out at my sister’s house in Kansas when I found her back in October, and I thought she’d be perfect for an upcoming color.

Google tells me she’s a marbled orb weaver variety of spider. Not dangerous…to humans, and rarely bites. So, who wouldn’t want this attractive little lady hanging out, ridding your garden of pests?

Many people are afraid of spiders. I’m not one of them. While I give brown recluses and black widows a wide berth, I’ve been known to trap the other varieties found inside the house in a glass jar and let them loose outside.

I’m thinking you just might see her again tomorrow for Quotography: Wildlife. We’ll see.

Sub­mitted for Project 64: Out of the Box
To see my Crayon Col­lec­tion so far, click HERE

8 thoughts on “Project 64: Yellow

  1. She is gorgeous especially since she’s a spider. My daughter is like you, capturing inside and releasing outside. I am less caring about many-legged (and not-so-many-legged) crawly critters.


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