C is for Character

Character…what you are when nobody is looking.

Character can also be explained as the expression of our personality that is revealed through our actions. Everyone has character…good or bad…and some people are definitely “characters.” It’s a combination of qualities that make us who we are. We all begin as a blank slate with a certain type of disposition. You know those babies…the sleeper, the overly-curious, the envelope-pusher, the happy baby, the scrapper, the timid soul, etc.  And the life experiences we encounter contributes to what type of character we ultimately develop as an adult. Nature and nurture combines to mold us into the end result.

Egotistical or humble; ethical or amoral; independent or timid; psychologically strong or an emotional mess; selfish or selfless; the list goes on and on.

But, in my mind, the most telling factor about a person’s character is the above quotation.

Sub­mitted for ABC Wednesday


6 thoughts on “C is for Character

  1. You know my stance on this one. 🙂 Absolutely non-negotiable – in all sorts of relationships. Well, in everything.

    If only we looked to character issues when we got involved with others, especially romantically. Character + Values in sync = a much greater likelihood of weathering the storms and sharing the joys…

    Wonderful post, Lisa.


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