D is for Discover

I ran across this quote and thought it was perfect for my D-day choice this week. I like it because I believe we’re 100% responsible for our own happiness. We can choose to approach life positively or negatively…regardless of what life throws at you.

The phrase “pursuit of happiness” could imply that, although we pursue happiness, we might not succeed in finding it. On the other hand, if we “discover joy,” there’s a 100% chance we’ve already succeeded. See the difference? It’s all in our outlook and attitude.

I’m not saying we should never be in a funk about something in our lives. Sometimes life throws wicked curve balls that knock us flat on our a$$. Sometimes it takes a while to re-group and get back up. The true measure of ourselves is not how many times we get up, but the fact that we choose to get up at all to face whatever comes again. And how well we discover those joys laying around on the ground while we’re re-grouping.

What joy have you discovered lately?

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7 thoughts on “D is for Discover

  1. Joy is there every morning when I rise to another dawn, every time the cats go on a tear around the house and each time the dogs bounce with excitement when I say “walk”.


  2. “Discovery of joy.” I so much prefer that to the “pursuit of happiness” which has become such a selfish undertaking for so many.

    Discovery seems less forced, and more inclusive. And we all know that joy can happen at any time, when we least expect.



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