The perspective of storms

Missed the last couple of weeks for Quotography. Vacay took the first one and the vacay fallout took over last week! And it’s been far too long since I’ve felt creative enough for Creative Exchange. It seems that I’ve been mentally and physically tired forever. There have been a few storms in life that have left me more than a little soggy.

Speaking of storms, this is a vacay shot of one of the afternoon storms over the ocean while we were high and dry…and sunny on our beachfront.

Isn’t it funny when we see a storm out in the ocean, we can see everything…the darkness of the clouds and the rain…but also, the perspective of the storm to the surrounding areas. We see the whole picture. But when we’re in the thick of the storm, it’s hard to see the whole picture. When we’re directly under the storm clouds, fighting the torrential rain, it’s almost impossible to see that the blue skies are closer than we realize.

Life is full of storms…and torrential rain…maybe even a hurricane or two. But like the fishermen say, those are not reasons to remain behind closed doors and afraid to go out and experience all the amazing things life has to offer. Prepare to weather the terrible storms that will most certainly come into life, but know that, in the bigger picture, calmer seas and bluer skies are always close by.

Submitted for Quotography and Creative Exchange.

13 thoughts on “The perspective of storms

  1. Wise quote, beautiful picture and words. Sometimes it seems as if the storms linger far too long and our psyche grows weary of fighting them. Then the sun breaks through and we find we can go on after all.


  2. First and foremost, I truly hope life’s storms have now completely passed you by, my Friend.

    What a beautiful image this is, and how fortunate you were to be able to capture it.
    That sky is just breathtaking!

    Thank you so much for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!



  3. That ocean ooks wonderful to me, as do the clouds.
    A lot calmer than the storms I am feeling at the moment.
    The colours in your image are like a deep draught of refreshing liquid.
    I hope your storms will blow away soon and leave you refreshed too.


  4. Woof, Lisa, when I sniff storm in the air I run to my house pronto and bark out to Keeper. And while I hide in safety, the hoomans go out, take pictures, scare themselves silly, worry to death, and wonder why I am sleeping soundly in my house!


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