F is for Family

For Round 10 of ABC Wednesday, I’m working my way through the alphabet and pairing a letter with a word, illustrated with a quotation. This week is the letter F and while I could have selected Faith, Forgiveness or Friends, I chose a word I think encompasses all those topics…Family.

In addition to ABC Wednesday, this week I’m test driving a site I’ve been watching for a long time, Kim Klassen Cafe. Kim generously provides textures she’s created for us shutterbugs. Her site is another source of endless inspiration for me, and confirms my belief that all I want to do is retire and play with photography! But, (sigh) in order to feed a habit there must be funds, so I’m content to squeeze these moments of enjoyment in and around paying jobs…for now.

So, at 7:30am this morning I was perusing the quotation sites looking for a good one on family. And yes, I was eating an orange at the time. When I came across this quote, I thought ¡Voila! … perfect! With my trusty EVO 4G camera and Dropbox folder on my computer, it wasn’t long before I was playing around with Kim’s Felicity texture, a random photo of an orange and a quote. The serendipity (or happy accident) of the moment made me smile. I’m easily amused.

Okay, back to the quote. Isn’t it fabulous!? What a great analogy. The family is a never ending circle, yet made up of individuals with their own distinct and separate personalities, quirks, strengths and weaknesses. Like an orange, life can peel off the outer layer, but underneath, the different sections remain linked together. And I think that’s also what defines a strong family…one that can stay together even when life tampers with the outer layers.

Submitted for ABC Wednesday and Texture Tuesday.

14 thoughts on “F is for Family

  1. I love that quote – and the photo is so appropriate! I’ve downloaded several of Kim’s textures, but I need to sit down and play a bit more with photos on the computer. Distraction seems to be my keyword of late and so I accomplish very little.


  2. Love the quote – and I always tell my daughters to try to get along as when they get old and I’m gone, they will basically only have each other (blood-wise).

    Thanks for your comment about the photography – in my case, I’m learning all I can so I can go back to a manual and really get much better shots.

    abcw team


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