Watch out! She's gone coastal!

Greetings Parrotheads!

Entrepreneur and I ran away from winter to the sunny shores of Cancun, Mexico earlier this month. It’s our 7th trip to Cancun and 8th trip to the Mayan Riviera area; sort of a tradition we started for vacations about 20 years ago. It all started when the girls were young and Entrepreneur traveled 3-5 days a week with a very high-stress job. Traveling so much meant he missed out on the some of the mischief antics trouble adorable things they did. Although a couple’s getaway is always nice, the last thing he wanted to do when we had time for vacation was to be away from his daughters. So we took them with us. And that time did more to recharge his batteries than anything else. The girls proved to be fabulous travelers and the tradition stuck.

This year Army Wife and Peanut were free to join us. In fact, Army Wife had their plane tickets booked before we did! Army Guy’s Command wouldn’t grant his leave request and The Floridian and DJ couldn’t break away from work. Hopefully, next time.

There is something so incredibly soothing about tropical, coastal places. Within the span of 4 hours we can go from cold, mid-winter, Midwestern airport to sunny, tropical beach…from rat race to relaxation in record time.

We’ve been to this area so often, it feels like a second home. It’s comfortable. We ride the city buses to and from our destinations and walk a lot. We have our favorite restaurants and favorite places to haggle negotiate shop.

We know exactly when and where to get a great shot of a perfect sunset.

Peanut’s first family vacay with us was in 2009; she was 5 months old and probably doesn’t remember much of anything. Army Guy was being deployed to Afghanistan the next month, and we all met in Cancun and drove south to Playa del Carmen to enjoy family time together before he left.

Last year, Peanut toddled her way through the sand and surf.

This year, Peanut is 3 and morphed into a fish. We had a hard time keeping her out of the water…pool or ocean.

Of course Papa (Shark) was more than happy to oblige her in the pool!

I know, you saw this one for Project 64:Orchid, but it’s one of my favorites. Last year was great fun with Peanut, but this year was absolutely a treasure.

Now, I’m going to turn into that dreaded relative who hauls out the albums and projector to show pictures and movies of family vacations. The beauty of the blogosphere is…you’re not held captive and forced to stay and watch!

For those poor brave souls friends that haven’t escaped by now, here are some more of my faves. I’ll spare you the majority of the 1+ gigabytes of pics I took.

Yes,  you are reading this correctly. No, we didn’t patronize this establishment.

From the magnificent expanse of the ocean to the incredible detail of the some of it’s inhabitants (sea urchins), I never tire of capturing this area’s beauty.

In search of breakfast one morning we chose an open-air sidewalk restaurant within walking distance. So many people associate Cancun as party-central…commercialized with a superficiality. And, yes, there’s a fair amount of that. But if you look closer, you’ll find an area rich in artisan culture…like hand-carved furniture and sidewalk musicians. Two distinct cultures exiting side by side, doing what it needs to do to survive and be successful, despite the country’s problems.


Cue Surfer Girl by the Beach Boys.


A coconut full of pina colada! With a bit of garnish, of course. Two straws but she didn’t share. I got my own.

We’re fortunate to be able to enjoy times like these, especially with today’s economic challenges. But thanks to a timeshare program we bought into decades ago and flyer miles, we’re able to take time to smell the roses…or in this case…drink the pina cola with those we love.

Wonder where we’ll go next time?









10 thoughts on “Watch out! She's gone coastal!

  1. Thanks for the mini vacation right here in the office. I love the ‘half thong’ shot!! Too cute! Family time is precious – what a great place to enjoy it.


  2. I think you could ask for nothing more! What a wonderful way to have family time and a vacation all at once, especially mid-winter when cabin fever is on its way. Love the photos, as always.


  3. We went to Cancun for our honeymoon and had such a wonderful time. Didn’t see that restaurant though, you really have had time to explore the area. The piña colada looked GREAT! Glad you guys didn’t have to share. 🙂


  4. With the last signs of our mega snowfall still on the ground I just know spring around the corner – and then summer after that – and seeing these photos and hearing about holidays/pools/sunshine etc makes me want it now!!!! what great photos and what great memories …….


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