Oh, Dear…or Oh, Deer!

See this?
The hyacinths are arriving by the front door.

See this?
The day lilies are peeking through the mulch by the garage.

See this?
The hostas are showing signs of life in the back garden.

See this?
A herd of does. Six or eight in all.

Brazen little hussies. Left alone, I won’t have any day lilies, hostas or hyacinths to show for my efforts. So off to the store for some lovely-smelling deer repellent.

Let the games begin.




6 thoughts on “Oh, Dear…or Oh, Deer!

  1. When we first moved here, a young doe and a young buck arrived in our friend’s yard. We all thought they were so cute – obviously they had been held captive because their hooves had grown very long and were curved. They were cute – until I woke early one morning to find them outside eating my newly planted rose bushes. That started a war of wits, which I think we all lost. Eventually the doe was seen across the highway and the buck was not seen in the area any longer. I cannot say I wept for their absence, as cute as they were.


  2. Oh no, Lisa!!!
    Last year, the deer ate every one of our waterlilies.
    They actually went into the pond to get to them.
    Not one bud or flower remained.


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