H is for Hope

Texture by Kim Klassen Cafe; Shine

Have you ever been in a situation you felt was completely hopeless? Where, despite your best efforts, everything looked like it was falling apart? It’s hard to keep hope alive when everything seems to be working to the contrary, isn’t it?

And we want to give up. We begin to resign ourselves to Plan B, C or D.

But it’s usually in our inability to see any progress that the most important progress is being made. For it’s during that time of frustration and despair…that time when we’ve exhausted all our resources attempting to fix something, that things begin to change.

But if we abandon all hope, it’s the same as saying nothing…or nobody…can save the situation.

It isn’t until the time when all feels lost that God can work the plan He’s laid out for us….uninterrupted. When we’re finished mucking things up with our own agendas and ulterior motives, God steps in and says, by the way, here’s how it’s suppose to work.

A plan that may be hidden from us at the moment; but one that’s filled with power.

The power to soften hearts.
The power to heal brokenness.
The power to reconcile relationships.

So, as with Abraham and Sarah, just so there’s no doubt who gets the credit, God sometimes does miraculous things when it looks like all hope is gone.

The secret is to never believe all hope is ever completely gone.

Sub­mitted for ABC Wednesday Round 10 and Quotography

12 thoughts on “H is for Hope

  1. If only more people could remember this lesson when things are going poorly. Instead of trying to fix things ourselves, we need to rely on God and His will for our lives.

    abcw team


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