Project 64: Tan

Only a few weeks left for Project 64: out of the box. We’ve lost a few along the way, but those still playing share fabulous finds every week. This is Tan week and I found a “sister” statue that I simply love. Since I have two daughters, I’ve always envisioned this statue being my two girls since they look about the same difference in ages.

Sisters. Like all family relationships, having a sister can be complicated. Since I didn’t have any brothers growing up, I can’t speak to that dynamic. But I do know sister relationships constantly morph throughout our life. For many of us, our sister is our first friend when we’re very young. And then we turn into tweens and teens and the [nuclear meltdown is imminent] DEFCON-1 fights begin.

Once we’re done being petty, selfish and self-absorbed…and for some that takes decades…we return to being friends. But this time, it’s with a deeper understanding of  the struggles the other has gone through, and a desire to connect on a much deeper level than before. Sure, along the way there’s a good possibility there’s been deep hostility, resentment, jealousy and more than one wish that we’d been an only child. But hopefully those immature feelings eventually give way to a relationship based on mutual respect and a genuine desire to have our sister as a friend, once again.

Here are a few “sister shots” that fell when I shook the family tree. I’m sure the sister dynamic was the same, regardless of the era!

These are the Wilhite sisters. FIVE of them! Can you even imagine the level of estrogen-induced cat fights in that house? My grandmother is in the middle of the back row. Her twin is to her right.

My mom had one sister and three brothers. She was quite a bit younger than her sister.

This is me and my sister around 1975. Once we hit the teen years, we drifting apart with our own interests. We’re working on that now, but I’ll always regret the years we missed out on each other’s company.

And here’s the sisters you know and love as Army Wife and The Floridian. Different as night and day, I sincerely hope they will nurture their relationship so they don’t drift apart for the next 20 years.


They surprised Entrepreneur and I with this shot a while back. It’s still my all-time favorite photo of them together.

And here they are today. Two beautiful women, each in her own way.

Sisters…just because you’re related, doesn’t mean the relationship is always a warm and fuzzy greeting card. But because you’re related, your sister is part of the only extended family you have. She’s the complex woman who shares not only your genes, but your history as well.

Wow, talk about a digression. Let’s return now to Project 64!

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8 thoughts on “Project 64: Tan

  1. Gorgeous figurine & interesting take on sisters. I only know my own experience with 2 sisters & 3 brothers. Each relationship is different. How well we got along as kids and how well we get along today has more to do our personalities than being male or female.


  2. I had two borthers, both much much younger than I, so I was always the big bad babysitting sister. I am so so grateful that my son and daugher have such a good relationship – perhaps easier for a boy and a girl to develop the closeness than it is for two girls. Your girls are both o lovely.


  3. Hey cousin!! Love the shot of Grandma and her sisters. I still remember listening to her visiting with her twin – if I kept quiet I learned a lot! I can’t imagine not having my sisters. In spite of our differences and times apart I know they have my back (they may rub my nose in it at an opportune time – but they do have my back). Tell Lori ‘hello’ from me!!


  4. You are so right – I have a brother and although we don’t talk much I know he’s there – and I am so grateful to have that brother sister relationship – I have a half sister who I have only just reconnected with after 15 years – we didn’t fall out but we never lived together, hardly saw each other and when her Mum and Dad (my Dad too) split she moved back to Bermuda with her Mum – but now that we have found each other again we are trying to build a relationship – trying to be sisters to each other.


  5. What lovely photographs. My daughters were home this weekend to celebrate the coming marriage of my oldest daughter, Grace, by holding a Bridal shower. It was a good evening.


  6. Hi there! I am doing some genealogy research for my family tree. I came across this in a google search. I am wondering if any of those Wilhite sisters are named Laura? Any help would be great. Thanks a bunch!


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