I is for Imperfect

Texture by Bittbox/Dustin Schmieding/Stained Paper #4

We all admit we’re far from perfect.

No one I know professes to be without flaws.

Everyone I know, including myself, has made colossal mistakes in life. From toothpaste moments to major FAILS, we’ve all said and done things to our family and friends we wish we could take back and just forget we ever did/said them.

We all need do-overs. And we all need people willing to look past the things we’ve done and let us start fresh. We all need someone willing to take the proverbial eraser and clean up the sheet so new stories can be written. Sure, we could just take a line through the mistakes or scribble out the errors, but they’d still be there…a constant reminder of failure. Only by erasing as best we can is the sheet truly ready for new possibilities. We’ll always remember the original mistake, but in writing over it, we can try and make things better.

Are you that person? Do you need to have your imperfect actions erased so you can start over? Or, are you someone willing to erase a wrong done to you by another so your relationship can have a do-over? Or, are you both?

Why are we so quick to judge another person? Why do we heave a sigh of relief when we’re forgiven, yet when given the opportunity to do the same towards another, we become all self-righteous and drag our feet to make the first, second or third move? Pride? Arrogance? Spite? Fear? Bitterness? Resentfulness?

Grace and forgiveness are like erasers. We use them not only to benefit the other person..but to help our own soul as well.

Whose sheet can you erase and help begin writing new stories?

What are you waiting for?

Sub­mitted for ABC Wednesday Round 10





14 thoughts on “I is for Imperfect

  1. Even if we do take an eraser to our imperfections/mistakes, there is still a shadow there. So that reminder (or scar) can make us stronger. And it will remind us that no one is perfect; thus, we should forgive and accept. Wonderful post and very thought-provoking. Have as perfect a week as possible!

    abcw team


  2. I enjoyed ready your “I” post. What would we do if we couldn’t erase some of our mistakes? Our Pastor says everyone in the congregation are do-overs-and not to feel like any of us is perfect including him. Great lesson for today.


  3. Thank you. I needed this post today. I am trying hard to let go of bitterness for someone who needs my compassion. I have forgiven, but I don’t know how much help I am willing to extend, and the guilt over it is tremendous. I’ve been praying, but I’m still struggling with it.


  4. This quote is going to hang near my desk, my Friend.
    I honestly do not mind the do-overs, for I am thankful I have the opportunity to do-over!! 🙂


  5. Loved this post. We are all imperfect; that’s what makes us so gloriously human. Forgiveness is hard won sometimes, depending on the circumstances. We don’t get “mulligans” on comments, and when our filters are broken, watch out! I went through many years of therapy to forgive my father for molesting me, but I have to say, after that long road, it was so worth it. Feel like a glob of tar was lifted from my soul. Thanks for the opportunity to share this. Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore


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